Rikkyo Short-Term Intensive Japanese Program (Winter 2017)

Rikkyo Short-Term Intensive Japanese Program (Winter 2017)

Published: 7 August 2017

The Rikkyo Short-Term Intensive Japanese Program starts on Wednesday, Jan. 10 and ends on Friday, Jan. 26, 2018. The entire program comprises 45 hours of classroom instruction plus 25 hours of lectures on Japanese culture and society, including field trips. The program capacity is limited to 20 students. Upon completing the full 3-week program, participants will be given a certificate of completion and an official transcript. The program, including room and board, is conducted on the Niiza campus, and participants need to arrive and check in at the accommodation on Tuesday, Jan. 9, and check out on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018.


If you wish to transfer credit for the program, you must first seek approval from your faculty for credit transfer through Cross-Institutional Enrolment. UNSW students should also complete the UNSW Overseas Short Course Application Form.

For more information see Applying for credit and funding for your overseas short course.

Students can apply directly to Rikkyo University through this link and the deadline to apply is October 20th 2017.

Risk assessment

All programs involve some degree of risk to participants. If you choose to source a provider on your own, please remember to do some research on them first and ensure that they are a legitimate organisation and that the product they offer will definitely meet your requirements. Students are therefore advised to undertake their own risk assessment before departure and any participation in these programs is at their own risk.

Before departure

All students should register their travel with UNSW. You should also undertake a risk assessment before heading overseas. For more information see How to prepare for departure.

More information

For further details on the program visit - Link here

For further information email - advisor4globaled@unsw.edu.au

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