CEIE Academic Mobility Tongji University 2018

Published: 29 September 2017

CEIE Academic Mobility Tongji University 2018

CEIE-Academic Mobility Program starts on Monday, Jan. 15 and ends on Monday, Feb. 05, 2018. This program is an English-taught academic program led by the College of Electronic and Information Engineering of Tongji University. Courses are taught by highly qualified lecturers from the different faculties in Tongji University. This program aims at providing students with an opportunity to experience new cultures whilst studying abroad at one of the most prestigious universities in China. These courses are from different disciplines and cover engineering, business, management and architecture.

UNSW students from all disciplines can attend these courses and experience a dynamic cultural experience. Students can study up to 2 courses during the summer school program. Each course has a equivalent of credit to Australian University. Students should contact their university for credit transfer concerns. Tongji University also provides scholarships to students who are high achievers or students who demonstrate an ability to actively engage with the community through attending programs and volunteering events. Please talk to consultants at Tongji for further information regarding the different scholarships available.

Tongji University is one of the leading universities in China under direct administration of the Ministry of Education, listed on “Project 985” and “Project 211”. With a long standing history, Tongji has valued the development of four key areas which include educational development, research, outreach, and culture inheritance and innovation. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education in China.



If you wish to transfer credit for the program, you must first seek approval from your faculty for credit transfer through Cross-Institutional Enrolment.

Students should refer to below attached documents for instructions on how to apply.


*Note: it is a fairly complicated process to apply, so please read through the document carefully, and address any questions to Tongji University consultants.

For more information see - Applying for credit and funding for your overseas short course.

Risk assessment

All programs involve some degree of risk to participants. If you choose to source a provider on your own, please remember to do some research on them first and ensure that they are a legitimate organisation and that the product they offer will definitely meet your requirements. Students are therefore advised to undertake their own risk assessment before departure and any participation in these programs is at their own risk.

Before departure

All students should register their travel with UNSW. You should also undertake a risk assessment before heading overseas. For more information see - How to prepare for departure.

More information

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