Built Environment Peer Mentors call out

Built Environment Peer Mentors call out

Published: 10 August 2020

The Built Environment Academic Support (BEAS) Programme is new in T3, and provides SACS training and payment for senior students to assist Convenors in courses they have previously completed.

The programme will run from in T3 for 5 weeks (2 hours per week, plus paid training).

The BEAS Peer Mentor Programme is part of a number of leadership initiatives that BE is initiating.

Senior students are asked to nominate themselves for the following courses: 

  • ARCH1102 - Architectural Design Studio 2 (Shaowen Wang)
  • ARCH1203 - Architectural Design Studio 4 (Ainslie Murray)
  • BLDG1022 - Building Structures (Samad Sepasgozar)
  • IDES2223 - Industrial Design Studio 2C (Mariano Ramirez)
  • IDES1213 - Industrial Design Studio 1C (Stephen Ward)
  • IDES2023 - Design Theory 4: Methods (Oya Demirbilek)
  • INTA2000 - Design Practice 2: Articulate (Eva Lloyd)
  • INTA4000 - Interior Architecture Practice Studio 4 (Cathy Smith)