Universidad de Guadalajara Virtual Exchange Option for T1 2021

Universidad de Guadalajara Virtual Exchange Option for T1 2021

Published: 16 October 2020


  • The “Virtual Academic Exchange Program (PEAV)” that the Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG) offers for T1 2021 (for their semester 2021-A) is a program that allows a student from UNSW to enroll in one or more online credit courses offered by their institution (Courses catalogue PEAV 2021-A link below).
  • In the PEAV program, all UNSW nominated students will enjoy exemption from the cost of registration.
  • UdeG have a new courses portfolio for the first semester of 2021 to enroll UNSW students to study and collaborate virtually with colleagues in Mexico.
  • Due to the nature of virtual learning, not all courses can be offered in a virtual way or are suitable for hosting international students in a virtual exchange program. Please consult the course options to participate in the PEAV at: www.cgci.udg.mx/catalogo-materias-virtuales-2021a
  • Courses are held in Spanish and a Spanish language proficiency of CEFR B1 level (equivalent to UNSW Intermediate B Spanish) is required.  

Course Structure:

Exchange students will be able to enrol in one or more online credit courses; however they may only transfer back a maximum of 24 UoC (four courses), depending on their personal preferences and academic requirements from UNSW. Students may complete a part-time load at UdeG for a ‘hybrid-virtual exchange’ where they take one or two courses at the partner and two or one courses, respectively, at UNSW simultaneously.

Students may review course offerings open to international exchange students here: www.cgci.udg.mx/catalogo-materias-virtuales-2021a.


Dates and Deadlines:

UNSW Application Deadline: 22 October 2020

Program Dates: 16 January 2021 – 4 June 2021

Program Length: 20 Weeks


Enrolment Type and Fees

Enrolment Type: Exchange

Fees: The UNSW Exchange Team will help organise your UNSW enrolment while you are on exchange.  You will be enrolled in special exchange course code(s). The exchange code(s) will determine your UNSW tuition fees for your exchange term.



Students should register their interest at http://unsw.aglobal.education/st-application by 22 October 2020

To transfer credit for the program, you need to be nominated for a Short Program - Exchange place and the CIS Exchange Pre approval form  must be completed and signed by the faculty/course authorities and submitted to our office. For more information see - Applying for credit and funding for your overseas short course.

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