Unbound Global Social Impact Program (Virtual) Summer 2020/21

Published: 13 November 2020

The Unbound Global Social Impact Program is an engaging program connecting students with the Asia Pacific region on real world multidisciplinary projects.

This exciting program has strong links with innovators, social entrepreneurs and leaders

across the region, and a chance to learn from, and with, inspiring role models. With a focus

on cultural exchange and group projects this experience isn’t your usual Zoom course – with

cooking classes, global speakers and mentors, and a chance to get hands-on with a real


UNSW Application Deadline:

Final Round (December Program) – 11.59pm on 22 November, 2020

Final Round (January Program) – 11.59pm on 1 December, 2020


Program Highlights:

This summer program is delivered online (with some face-to-face activities, subject to

coronavirus restrictions) and is a chance to gain professional and cross-cultural skills in a fun

and interactive way.

Expert Session

These sessions are live and interactive classes with expert innovators from across the Asia-

Pacific region sharing their own professional experiences. The organisations featured are

outlined in the sections below. These sessions will include presentations featuring images and video; a site ‘tour’, interactive questions and answers and facilitated discussion. Access and engaging with some of the world’s leading social innovators.

Cultural Sessions

These sessions are designed to be fun, engaging and a chance to build connections with each other while getting a taste of the partner countries. Example cultural sessions are as follows.

  • Language and Culture Class – Xin chào and สวสั ดี (Sawạsd̄ ī) – learn the basics of

language and how it’s used in a fun and engaging way. Go from zero to be able to

introduce yourself, and some must-know words and phrases.

  • Cooking Class – All students will be given funds and a shopping list to purchase the

relevant ingredients, and can join for an at-home online cooking class. Stay tuned for

the specific cuisine coming your way. For those without the facilities to join us in

cooking, a voucher will be provided to get some delivery food from the host country,

to join us in a culinary celebration of cross-cultural delights. An explanation of the

foods will be shared.

  • • Global Trivia – Build your crew and test your knowledge of Australia and Asia in this

team vs team show down. Know the difference between your baht and your đồng;

Hanoi and Ho Chin Minh City. Let’s find out.

  • Amazing Race Challenge – Working in teams, and using a series of hints, Google Earth

and Street View, decode and discover more about the cities and country you’re

working with.


These sessions are interactive workshops, led by Unbound’s expert facilitation team and focus on student-focussed skills and experiences. With case studies and informed by best-practice these sessions will cover practical tools, personal development and technical skills for working cross-culturally and on social impact projects. Project topics include: human-centred design methodologies; communication and storytelling; business models and social enterprise; and more.


Action Project

At the core of this program is the chance to work in student teams on a real world Action

Project – a chance to bring ideas to life. Working in a small multidisciplinary group (3 or 6 students), students will have the chance to collaborate on the design and development of practical project.




A country known for its natural beauty including the magnificent Himalayas, Nepal is a country

where necessity is truly the mother of innovation.


The world’s largest democracy is at the cutting edge of technology and youth



Vietnam is leading in sustainable development and social enterprise with a rich cultural

heritage and history.


One of the hubs for social innovation and impactful design in South East Asia, Thailand

presents a world of opportunity.


Outcomes and Deliverables

During this program each project team will complete the following deliverables:

1. Video Report – 10 to 15 minute explaining their Action Project, process to achieve it

and their final outcomes.

2. Summary Video – 2 – 3 minute video for a public audience explaining their final


3. Project Report –1,500 – 2,500 words showcasing the project outcomes.


Unbound is an award-winning educational social enterprise with a focus on social and

environmental issues. The organisation aims to educate and connect students to important

global issues; to increase the number of students undertaking international education and

mobility programs; and to provide tangible connections between technical knowledge and

their application to create positive social change. We create innovative and engaging

programs that are a joy to do, and create real-world impact. Our work has been recognised

globally including the PIEoneer Awards (UK); the Australasian Green Gown Awards and by the

International Education Association of Australia.


Dates and Deadlines

UNSW Application deadline: 
Program dates:  Program 1: 7 December 2020 – 19 January 2021 (break for Christmas / New Year)

Program 2: 11 January 2021 – 19 February 2021

Program length:  6 weeks (part time)



This project has been designed in collaboration between Unbound and the host universities,

in line with the New Colombo Plan initiative coordinated by the Australian Government

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and supported with NCP Mobility Grants.

These grants cover the full cost of this initiative, and there are no further program costs for

students. Eligibility for these scholarships include receiving academic credit, being an

Australian citizen and other requirements as outlined by your Learning Abroad office.

We have some full scholarships available for some students, who may not be eligible for this


The value of these grants, and the full cost of this program is AUD$2,500.



Students should register their interest at http://unsw.aglobal.education/st-application by 22 November 2020 for the December 2020 program, or 1 December 2020 for the January 2021 program. 

 If you wish to transfer credit for the program, you must seek approval from your faculty for credit transfer through Cross-Institutional Enrolment.  For more information see - Applying for credit and funding for your overseas short course.

Risk assessment

All programs involve some degree of risk to participants. If you choose to source a provider on your own, please remember to do some research on them first and ensure that they are a legitimate organisation and that the product they offer will definitely meet your requirements. Students are therefore advised to undertake their own risk assessment before enrolment and any participation in these programs is at their own risk.

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