HKU Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities 2021

HKU Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities 2021

Published: 12 February 2021

Highlights: HKU's Faculty of Arts offers short-term programs throughout the year to students at different levels of studies.  

In 2021, all courses of Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities will be taught online in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Students from all over the world will have the opportunities to interact with classmates and award-winning academics while pursuing academic advancement. Programs at undergraduate are now open for application. 

There are 3 sessions at the Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities available in 2021: 

Session A courses (starting 21 June 2021):

  • The Body in Culture
  • Introduction to the History of English
  • Magic, Monsters and Maidens in Fair: Medieval English Literature
  • The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Session B courses (starting 28 June 2021):

  • Sexuality and Culture
  • Luxury Market in East Asia
  • New media and Social Media
  • Early-Modern Philosophy
  • Language of the Internet

Session C courses (starting 12 July 2021):

  • Gender and Visual Material Culture
  • Advertising: Cultural and Organizational Dynamics
  • Art Worlds: Aesthetic, Money, and Markets
  • Cultural Policy: A complex marriage of business, politics and culture
  • China and Japan since the 19th Century
  • The Ethics and Philosophy of Digital Technologies

English enhancement courses at Session C:

  • English for Effective Communication in Business and Social Context
  • Academic Writing and Critical Reading


Enrolment Type: Direct Enrolment

Fees: HK$350 application fee (non-refundable) + HKD14,760 (including 10% discount for students of partner universities)



Students should register their interest at by 9:00am 19th April 2021

To transfer credit for the program, you need to be nominated for a Short Program - Exchange place and the CIS Exchange Pre approval form  must be completed and signed by the faculty/course authorities and submitted to our office. For more information see - Applying for credit and funding for your overseas short course.

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