Fudan University - APRU Virtual Exchange Summer Program

Fudan University - APRU Virtual Exchange Summer Program

Published: 4 May 2021

Delivery more: online

Program type: short course 

UNSW Application deadline: 9:00am 17 May 2021 Late applications will not be accepted.


APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program Summer Semester 2021 - A Truly International Education Experience.

The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) Program Summer Semester 2021 offers you the opportunity to take up intensive online academic courses during the summer months of the Northern Hemisphere (June to August).

Dates and courses

For further details, including dates and courses available at Fudan University as part of the APRU Virtual Summer Program, please visit: Fudan University – Summer 2021 – APRU Virtual Student Exchange

Students may enrol in one course only. Requests for additional courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

UNSW Eligibility Requirements

For UNSW virtual exchange eligibility requirements please see the Virtual Exchange section of the Student Exchange Tutorial

Enrolment and Fees

Limited exchange places available.  Successful students will be enrolled in specific exchange course code(s) at UNSW for the terms they are undertaking their virtual exchange courses. Students continue to pay their tuition fees to UNSW

How to Apply

Please apply through the Virtual Exchange Application  by 9:00am 17 May 2021

Transfer of Credit:

If you are selected for this virtual student exchange program, you will be required to get partner university courses approved for credit by your UNSW Faculty. This is a condition of participating in the virtual student exchange program. Further information about the course approval process will be sent to you once you have submitted your application.  Information is also available in the Student Exchange Tutorial

Please make sure you research the partner university online courses carefully to find suitable options for your degree.

More information

For further details:

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