ADA Dean's Message May 2021

ADA Dean's Message May 2021

Published: 8 June 2021

Our thoughts are with all students whose friends and family are in India and elsewhere, where COVID is still affecting so many lives. Recent cases in Sydney of course mean that we need to take extra precautions again, though we are grateful that we have been spared what so many others have been through, and we have been able to continue our return to campus as well as UNSW ADA’s nine graduations. 
It has been a delight and a pleasure to celebrate with our new graduates – seeing their broad smiles and swanky new ADA turquoise green hoods - and to greet their loved ones here on campus. We’ve also had some great speakers. Author, playwright, and Booker Prize winner Tom Keneally gave an inspirational address while his grandson Rory graduated from ADA. And Guardian journalist and UNSW alumn  Ben Doherty gave a wonderful talk, urging us all to never lose the instinct to ask the question ‘why?’

Asking questions and giving your input

What’s on your mind as we move T2? Our next ADA ‘Town Hall’ will be on Tuesday 6 July at 12-1 via Zoom.  

Register for the Town Hall

In the US, a ‘Town Hall’ is the name given to a meeting at which local and national politicians meet with their constituents either to hear from them on topics of interest or to discuss specific upcoming legislation or regulation.  

I hold Town Hall meetings at the start of each term to share updates and ensure that I hear from students across ADA.  

To help us prepare for the Town Hall, please let us know what you would like on the agenda.

Click on the button below and enter this number #948481 in the join as a participant box at the top of the page to add your questions. 


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