Check out the new Humanitarian Engineering course

Check out the new Humanitarian Engineering course

Published: 7 June 2021

We’re so excited to offer our new course, ENGG4103 International Humanitarian Response, in T3 2021 in partnership with RedR Australia. Learn how you can improve the lives of disadvantaged communities and individuals that have been impacted by natural disasters or forced migration as part of your degree, and with the only Standby Partner to the UN in the southern hemisphere. RedR prepares and deploys skilled people to help communities and government agencies plan, prepare, rebuild and recover before, during and after crises and conflict. 

There are also scholarships up to $2,450 to assist students with the RedR training course. 

What our students say:  

“I loved being a part of Humanitarian Engineering at UNSW! It enriched not only my understanding of the global efforts of humanitarian projects but also the study of engineering as a whole.”  

Jasper Smith, 4th Year Chemical Engineering Student  

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