International Pen-Pal Exchange - Partners in Crime!

International Pen-Pal Exchange - Partners in Crime!

Published: 7 September 2021

The National University of Singapore is here with the very FIRST international law student pen-pal exchange, “Partners in Crime!”

The Pen-Pal Exchange (termed Partners in Crime!) aims to provide an opportunity for law students to meet like-minded and diverse individuals as well as serve as a fun leisure activity for stressed students. This is their way of facilitating exchange despite the restrictions of COVID-19 on travel.

Participants will be randomly matched with a law student from a different country and they would be asked to exchange letters at least once a month. This will be a year-long commitment to being a pen-pal, although students are free to continue past that if they wish.

Scared you'll run out of discussion topics? The team have also come up with some themed prompts to help you along with your writing.

Some examples include “Send your pen-pal a baby photo of yourself and explain your favourite childhood memory” and “What is your favourite thing about your hometown?”

To join Partners in Crime, fill in the google form via the link below.

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