2018 Postgraduate Council (PGC) Elections

2018 Postgraduate Council (PGC) Elections

Published: 21 August 2018

The Postgraduate Council (PGC) provide information, support, representation and advice on issues that affect postgraduate students at UNSW and the wider postgraduate student population. The PGC liaises with UNSW and external parties in order to represent and campaign for postgraduate students.

Nominations for the 2018 Postgraduate Council (PGC) Elections open Tuesday 21 and close 4pm Thursday 30 August 2018.

All current UNSW postgraduate coursework students can vote.

Some of the positions to be elected include: President of the PGC, Vice President, Equity Officer, Events Officer, Coursework Students Officer, International Students Officer, Research Students Officer, Women's Officer, Elected Councillors...

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