Professional Practice General Education Courses - Enrol now for Semester 1

Published: 17 February 2017

Professional Practice General Education Courses - Enrol now for Semester 1

UNSW requires that undergraduate students undertake a structured program in General Education as an integral part of studies for their degree.

If you are looking for a General Education course then our professional practice courses can help you get career ready. You may think it’s too early to start thinking about graduate employment but the earlier you start building a set of work skills and experience the more successful you're likely to be. Professional practice courses will help you:

  • Develop lifelong career management skills,
  • Gain a greater understanding of the workplace,
  • Develop your team, leadership and collaboration skills,
  • Build confidence in marketing yourself to graduate employers.

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Course outlines

You can find more information about our professional practice courses in these course outlines:

DIPP1112: Introduction to the Workplace

This course prepares you to enter the workplace with a deeper understanding of the workplace. Students develop reflective capabilities in assessing their personal interests, strengths and their capacity to work effectively with others. They then apply this knowledge in the identification of employment opportunities.

DIPP1510: Work Placement

This course is for students who have secured work experience or an internship / industry relevant placement and who are prepared to undertake associated course work to have this experience formally recognised as part of their learning at UNSW.

DIPP1110: Introduction to Global Citizenship

This course will introduce you to the concepts of global citizenship and what it means to be globally competent. You will develop your global and cultural literacy and your understanding of the social and economic value of inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible organisational practices.

DIPP1111: Introduction to Leadership and Professional Practice

This course aims to prepare students to enter professional practice with a clear understanding of the contribution they can make as leaders, team players and professionals, with a plan for their ongoing development in these areas.