Have you got Microsoft Office 365?

Have you got Microsoft Office 365?

Published: 12 February 2020

Did you know being an enrolled UNSW student means that you have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of programs?

Need to collaborate with your classmates or just want to chat?
Teams is a great platform to chat with your classmates in real time via a chat function, create channels for group projects and share documents with each other, review documents in a collaborative space, make video calls and set up group video calls, share your screen with group call participants and more.

Doing a group project or want to manage tasks in a study group?
Keep on top of all your tasks with Planner. Planner helps you set up tasks and allocate them to individuals in your group, setting a due date for completion.

Want to build your very own app?
PowerApps allows both developers and nontechnical users to build apps and logic flows from templates.

How productive were you this week?
MyAnalytics summarises how you spend your time on your computer, then suggests ways to work smarter. From cutting unproductive meeting time to getting better work/life balance, it’s like your own personal assistant, helping you to work smarter and make more time for life stuff.

Want to know what your classmates really think?
Microsoft Forms helps you create custom surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires. It can also send an invitation to other users asking them to fill out the Forms using a web browser on any device or computer. The creator can review the results in real time and can perform analysis on the collected data.

For support and training in these apps and more, you can visit Microsoft Office Support but the best way to learn is to just start using the apps and experimenting with what they can do!

Need help?
Visit us at our IT walk-in service centre, located on the ground floor, Library Annex (next to the post office).

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