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Online Orientation for Engineering Students


Welcome to Engineering Guide

All the information you need in your first year is in this guide.

Everything you need to know to get started at UNSW Engineering, including: important UNSW services, handy hints, student societies to Industrial Training!

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The ChallENG Program: Real-world projects

The ChallENG Program connects UNSW Engineering students, academics and industry to exciting, real-world, project-based learning initiatives. The program prepares students for their future careers by taking their learning experiences to the next level. Our students are exposed to a multidisciplinary learning approach that emphasises the development of technical and design skills, and expands their professional expertise.

Important note to first year students:The VIP & Maker Games are elective courses for 2nd year students and onwards. We encourage you to save your first-year elective for years two or three of your degree. This way you will have room in your program to join one of these exciting projects.

Vertically Integrated Projects

ChallENG yourself to work on research that changes the world Uniting undergraduate education and academic research, enabling enriched invention and innovation on a long-term team-based research project. The Maker Games - James' Story

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The Maker Games

Work with industry to solve their ChallENG.

The Maker Games is an exciting hands-on course enabling students and their industry partner to design and build a prototype.

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Student Projects

Student competitions that are a real ChallENG. Got a competitive side? Engage in student projects and work in multi-disciplinary teams with other like-minded engineers to achieve competition goals.

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Social Impact

Help solve a ChallENG for a community in need. Help those in need and explore projects such as Engineering World Health or Impact Engineering. Work together with other like-minded engineers to help make a difference for a community.

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The Maker Games - James' Story

Video about ChallENG

Student projects – The ChallENG Program

Social Impact – The ChallENG Program


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UNSW MakerSpaces

Online Orientation for Engineering Students

Have you heard about our UNSW MakerSpaces?  Our UNSW Makerspaces give UNSW students a barrier free access to tools and technology where you can come together to learn, build, upskill and share.  

Both student’s personal projects and projects within The ChallENG Program come to life in our Makerspace Network at UNSW Sydney! 

You have the opportunity to up-skill through workshop development training and digital badging credentialing. See our online hub of tutorials, information and classes on how to make, fabricate and create! 

Our Makerspaces are located across campus, see locations  or email

Women in Engineering

Online Orientation for Engineering Students

Women in Engineering (WIE)
 at UNSW Sydney is committed to inspiring young women to pursue a career in engineering.

The Women in Engineering Program aims to inspire girls to pursue engineering degrees and careers, support women studying engineering at UNSW, and celebrate the successes of female engineering graduates.

Since launching the program in 2014, UNSW has had a 78% increase in female first-year engineering enrolments.

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