Peer Mentoring at UNSW Art & Design

Who can join this Peer Mentoring Program?

This program is for 1st year undergraduate & postgraduate students 

Program description 

Beginning your first year at university can be challenging and at UNSW Art & Design we are committed to ensuring our students are provided with appropriate assistance. If you are enrolled in a degree program with UNSW Art & Design, then the Peer Mentoring Program can help you with the transition to university life and can provide opportunities for you to link up with both new and current students.


  • Get support and advice in those crucial first few weeks of study
  • Meet other first year students in your degree and beyond
  • Go to events and meetings over the first 6 weeks of Session (on campus and local venues)
  • Link up with an experienced student from your degree (this can be as informal as you and your mentor like)

When does this program run?

This program is available in Term 1 only

Program duration 

This program starts in O-Week and ends in Week 5 

I'm a new student, how do I register to participate in the program?

Please sign up before O Week here

I'm a senior student, how can I become a Mentor?

For more information about becoming a Peer Mentor in T1, 2020 please refer to the contact details above.

More information

For more information please go to Peer Mentoring at UNSW Art & Design

Contact person: Peer Mentoring Coordinator