Personal Timetable - Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use of UNSW Calendar Subscription Service

The following terms apply to the myUNSW service that allows students and staff to create a subscription for class, exam and teaching timetables on phones, tablets, laptops and other calendar clients (the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service). 

By using the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service you agree to the following terms:

  1. These terms supplement and do not replace or supersede any other terms or conditions that apply to your use of the UNSW website and the myUNSW service.
  2. Given the potential combinations of devices, operating systems and calendar clients that users of the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service may have, UNSW cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the Personal Timetable Service.  UNSW provides the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service on an ‘as is’ basis (including its availability and performance) and use of the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service is at your own risk.
  3. The link provided to you as part of the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service must be used to subscribe using the calendar application on your device.
  4. The update frequency from the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service to your calendar is entirely dependent on your device and/or calendar app, not the Personal Timetable Service. You should confirm the events (and particularly important events such as your exam timetable) by other sources including your myUNSW Class Timetable / Examination Timetable on myUNSW.
  5. UNSW provides limited support for the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service for devices/operating systems set out here. UNSW will provide support on a "best efforts" basis.
  6. Location data for exams or classes ( including Room, Building, off-Campus location) may not be accurately interpreted by your calendar or Map Application, and you should confirm location using other sources such as your myUNSW Class Timetable / myUNSW Examination Timetable.
  7. The myUNSW Personal Timetable Service does not require any identifiable personal data and does not require authentication to UNSW on your device/desktop calendar.
  8. You may Suspend your subscription to the myUNSW Personal Timetable Service at any time by  via your myUNSW Personal Calendar Subscription settings in myUNSW.


Return to the myUNSW Personal Timetable page to agree to the Terms and Conditions (via Checkbox) and then continue managing your Calendar Subscription.