PhD Seminars Series

Starting a career as a PhD student can be challenging, thinking about your future career can be daunting, but you just got to do it little-by-little. The PhD series will guide your journey in teaching how you can take your research skills and putting them into industry and academic positions.

Attend these interactive sessions and have your questions answered by a UNSW Career Consultant and meet fellow professionals and hear from those working in both academia and industry.


Applying for Jobs in Academia

T2 WK4 WED 26 JUN or T3 WK9 THU 14 NOV

Learn how to prepare an excellent selection criteria document and a great resume to help you secure an academic, research or public sector position. 



Applying for Jobs in Industry

T2 WK4 FRI 28 JUN or T3 WK9 FRI 15 NOV

Find out how to write an excellent resume and cover letter to secure a job in an industry.



Essential Interview Skills

T2 WK5 FRI 5 JUL or T3 WK10 FRI 22 NOV

Uncover the types of interview questions that might come up and have the chance to practice your interview skills. In addition, we will also discuss the differences between attending a selection panel for academic positions; job interviews with recruitment agents and interviews for industry positions.



Making Professional Connections in Academia and Industry

T3 WK11 FRI 29 NOV

Discover why networking is important for research candidates, how to build your network and how to create a good first impression while meeting a panel of academic and industry experts who will share tips to get you started in your career.