Prizes in UNSW Art & Design

This page lists all prizes awarded by the Faculty of Art & Design (formerly the College of Fine Arts).

Faculty prizes

The Faculty of Art and Design Dean's List (D0015I)

For academic excellence.

School prizes

The Earle Backen Prize (D0010U)

For excellence in Printmaking.

  • $500 

The Jenny Birt Prize (D0840A)

For outstanding performance in Painting.

  • $3000

The John Gage Prize for Colour (D0982E)

For imaginative use of colour for any undergraduate or postgraduate student.

  • $500

The Kadmium Art Prize (D0976E)

For the best performance in Drawing and/or Painting.

  • $1000

The Lindsay Prize (T2K601)

For outstanding achievement in Australian Art.

  • $3000

The Lucy Aspinall Photographic Prize (D0011U)

For outstanding achievements by a final year (Honours) student majoring in Photography.

  • $2500

The Sculpture, Performance and Installation Prize for Excellence (D0983E)

For outstanding performance in Sculpture.

  • $1000

The Tim Olsen Drawing Prize (D0986E)

For excellence in Drawing.

  • $5000

The TWT Excellence Prize (D0990E)

For the best performance in Digital Media, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking, Furniture and Jewellery Design.
10 Artworks in the above mediums will be selected internally by the Faculty, and the winner will be chosen by a panel of three.

  • $5000