Prizes in UNSW Art & Design

This page lists all prizes awarded by the Faculty of Art & Design (formerly the College of Fine Arts).

Faculty prizes

The Jenny Birt Prize (D0840A)

For academic excellence.

  • $1500

School prizes

The Earle Backen Prize (D0013U)

For excellence in printmaking.

  • $500 

The GBK Prize (D0010U)

For outstanding potential of Honours Studio Practice.

  • $300 

The Hungerford Hill Wine Label Prize (D0984E)

For the best design of a unique Art & Design wine label.

  • $1000

The Hungerford Hill Mardi Gras Wine Label Prize (D0985E)

For the best design of a unique Mardi Gras wine label.

  • $1000

The Jamie Jenkins Prize (D0009U)

For significant improvement in studies in Art History and Theory in the Bachelor of Art History and Theory program.

  • $500

The John Gage Prize for Colour (D0982E)

For imaginative use of colour for any undergraduate or postgraduate student.

  • $500

The Kadmium Art Prize (D0976E)

For the best performance in drawing and/or painting.

  • $1000

The Lindsay Prize (T2K601)

For outstanding achievement in Australian Art.

  • $3000

The Lucy Aspinall Prize (D0011U)

For outstanding achievements by a final year (Honours) student majoring in Photography.

  • $2500

The Music or Soundtrack Prize (D0963A)

For excellence in sound work.

  • $500

The Sculpture, Performance and Installation Prize for Excellence (D0983E)

For outstanding performance in Sculpture.

  • $1000

The Taylor Square Private Clinic Award for Studio Excellence (D0973E)

For outstanding Studio Achievement in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Program.

  • $5000

The Tim Olsen Drawing Prize (D0986E)

For excellence in drawing.

  • $3000