Professional Practice General Education/Elective Courses

Make yourself more employable!

You may think it's far too early to start thinking about graduate employment but the earlier you start building a set of work skills and experience the more successful you are likely to be. Recruiters are looking for graduates who bring with them a broad range of skills and attributes. We offer a range of general education courses to help you get career ready.

Our courses will help you:

  • Develop lifelong career management skills,
  • Gain a greater understanding of the workplace,
  • Develop your team, leadership and collaboration skills,
  • Build confidence in marketing yourself to graduate employers.

Taking a professional practice course will show employers that you are career focused. It will also increase your competitiveness in the graduate recruitment process. The following courses can be taken as general electives, open or free electives in a student’s primary program. Students enrolling in General Education courses must satisfy the University's General Education requirements.

UNSW Professional Practice General Education/Elective Courses

DIPP1112: Introduction to the Workplace Course Outlines

This course provides a deeper understanding of workplace contexts, cultures, recruitment practices & expectations. Students develop reflective capabilities in assessing their interests, strengths & capacity to work effectively with others. Students then apply this knowledge in the identification of appropriate employment opportunities.

UNSW Professional Practice General Education/Elective Courses

DIPP1510: Work Placement Course Outlines

This course is for students who have secured work experience or an internship / industry relevant placement and who are prepared to undertake associated course work to have this experience formally recognised as part of their learning at UNSW.

UNSW Professional Practice General Education/Elective Courses

DIPP1111: Introduction to Leadership and Professional Practice Course Outlines

This course aims to prepare students to enter professional practice with a clear understanding of the contribution they can make as leaders, team players and professionals, with a plan for their ongoing development in these areas.