Psychometric Assessments

There is no test that can tell an employer exactly who is the right candidate for the job, however, psychometric assessments can go a long way to helping organisations choose candidates that are more likely to fit in and perform better. Find out more about psychometric assessments.

Why employers use psychometric assessments

Choosing the wrong candidate for a job can be a costly mistake. Learn why employers use psychometric testing to differentiate candidates and how it can benefit you.

Common types of assessments

There are six broad categories for psychometric testing. Learn the common types that are used.

Preparing for psychometric assessments

If you have a psychometric assessment coming up, here are some handy preparation tips to help you feel more confident on the day.

Personality inventories - sample questions

Different roles require different personality types.  Here you will find the typical characteristics of personality inventories and some sample questions.

Ability tests - sample questions

Ability tests are designed to test your overall potential and determine where your strengths lie. Discover more about ability tests and read some sample questions.

Other inventories and test types - sample questions

Discover some other types of psychometric testing as well as some sample questions that you could encounter.

Useful web resources and links

There are many places where you can read more about psychometric testing and take practice tests - and you can find some of them here.