UNSW Ready

Introductory Academic Program (IAP)

UNSW Ready prepares you to start your degree with 4 weeks of face-to-face sessions at our Kensington campus before your start date in Term 3, 2019.

The program familiarises new international students with the demands of the Australian academic environment with an emphasis on academic skills needed to make a smooth transition to study in Australia.

Dates and fees

UNSW Ready will be held Wednesday 14 August to Tuesday 10 September 2019 in preparation for Term 3, 2019

$2000 (AUD) – scholarships available

How will I benefit?

  • Be ready to start your UNSW degree
  • Improved understanding of academic English, communication and independent learning skills
  • Peer-to-peer learning opportunities
  • Adapt to the Australian learning environment
  • Social activities in Sydney

"I appreciate the IAP and am grateful to participate, learn, develop and acquire skills and knowledge that will enable my life and study in Australia to be enjoyable as well as successful. The academic program has helped me to critique my skills and analyse my strengths and weakness to help me prepare for my study program. I am also aware of the support services provided in UNSW that I can access to improve my health, mind, family support and study skills".

Feedback from participant Term 1, 2019

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

International students with a full offer letter for Higher Degree Research programs commencing in Term 3, 2019 are invited to apply for one of ten UNSW Ready scholarships.

*Australia Awards Scholarship recipients do not need to apply for a UNSW Ready scholarship, participation in UNSW Ready is included in your Australia Awards Scholarship

UNSW Ready scholarships are jointly funded by Medibank and UNSW.

Scholarship application

To apply for a UNSW Ready scholarship, please submit your answers to the questions below.

The application deadline is Sunday 21 July 2019.

If you have further questions please email: AustraliaAwards@unsw.edu.au

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