Reporting to NSW Police

You can report sexual assault, harassment and misconduct to NSW Police:

Can a report be made directly to the police?

Yes. There are 2 ways to make a report of sexual misconduct to the police.

1. Contact your nearest police station and make a formal complaint

In an emergency dial 000.

The police can also be contacted on the Police Assistance Line:

2. Complete a sexual assault reporting option questionnaire

The purpose of completing a questionnaire is not to enable a criminal investigation to take place but it can help police to take measures to protect the community and reduce repeat offending.  Read information on the questionnaire here: Sexual Assault Reporting Options. It is important to note that the questionnaire does ask for detail about the incident.  If you decide to complete the questionnaire, it is highly recommended that you have a friend with you to help you.  Completing the questionnaire may be very distressing for you.

Can I report to both UNSW AND to the police?

YES. You can report to both the police and to UNSW (whether via the portal or through contacting a First Responder, other staff member or student leader etc.).

Do I have to report to the police?

The University respects the right of individuals to decide for themselves whether to make a report to the police or not. In particular, UNSW acknowledges and supports the NSW Health Policy Directive: Sexual Assault Services Policy and Procedure Manual (Adult) and Rights of the Client 'to make choices about proceeding with legal action' (2005, Page 16)

However, it is important to point out that under New South Wales law, if you have useful information about a serious criminal offence and you, without a reasonable excuse, don’t tell the Police, you may be committing an offence.  There may be a good reason why you do not want to make a report to the Police and where possible, this decision will be respected by UNSW.

If you find yourself in this dilemma, UNSW encourages you to seek legal advice - for example, UNSW students can have a confidential conversation with the legal officer at Arc. Students and staff can seek advice from Kingsford Legal Centre or any other community legal centre or private legal practice. (Please note that a private legal practice would ordinarily charge you fees for advice).