Don't lend or give money to anyone you don't know well – Latest Scam Alert!

Don't lend or give money to anyone you don't know well – Latest Scam Alert!

Published: 8 May 2018

Student Development International (SDI) and Kingsford Legal Centre (KLC) have received reports from a number of UNSW international students about a man who is asking for money on and around campus.

The man asks the students for cash for various reasons, such as to invest in bitcoin or to pay bills. He assures them that the money will be paid back. Sometimes this man also says he will transfer the money back to the student immediately and shows them a screen shot of a bank transfer, however this is fake. He also shows students his license or passport details so that they trust him.

Students are strongly advised not to lend money to anyone they don't know.

If you have been a victim of this scam you can contact KLC on (02) 9385 9566 for legal advice. You can also contact SDI for support.

Anyone can fall victim to a scam, so the best way to protect yourself is through awareness and education. Most scams go through three stages: (1) approach; (2) communication; and (3) payment. Understanding the basic parts of a scam will help you to be on guard against scams. Unfortunately, some scammers are targeting International Students and as scammers are getting smarter and moving into new technologies it is getting difficulty to spot scams.

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