Scam Warning

Scam Warning

Published: 11 April 2019

There’s a ‘parcel’ phone scam targeting Chinese international students in Australia. The scam involves victims being told they are allegedly implicated in crimes in China, and the scammers communicate with the victims in Mandarin. The caller would claim your personal details were used to send parcels to China and these parcels contain illegal items such as fake passports or weapons. The caller would then transfer the call to another scammer who would claim to be a Chinese government official (customs or police officers) and ask you to provide your personal details such as a Chinese identification number. Then the scammer will ask you to transfer money to their bank account in China to be able to clear the criminal record.





The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China has previously advised that Chinese officials will not advise of legal cases or seek to verify personal information over the phone. If you think someone is trying to scam you, or you’ve been scammed, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) advises to cease all contact with the scammer and contact your local police or consulate immediately.

Other Scams

Other scams involve you lending money to people who never pay back, or promising you discounts or better exchange rates if you pay for things (like university fees) through them.

Students are strongly advised not to lend money to anyone they don't know, or let people you don’t know pay for things for you.

For information about the latest News and Alerts on Scams visit -

A useful free download with some great information is the Little Black Book of Scams

If you have been a victim of this or any scam, you can contact Kingsford Legal Centre on (02) 9385 9566 for legal advice. You can also contact Student Development International (SDI) for support.