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"The best experience while volunteering with the Skill Development Program is that I get to bond with my fellow teammates and organize things together. The staffs are very guiding and supportive towards our team. I think my summer break is well spent doing this Skill Development Program." - From 2018 Summer Semester


The Skill Development Program is a volunteer program that aims to promote equity, diversity and inclusion on campus and the community through student voices.

The program offers flexible opportunities for you to gain a wide range of skills. This includes casual volunteering, program supportfundraising, engaging with community partners, assisting new students transition to university, developing UNSW students as global citizens and good communicators

This opportunity is accredited by UNSW Advantage as eligible for recognition on your Australian Higher Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


Program InformationAbout

The Skill Development Program Teams help to broaden volunteers' teamwork, leadership, communication and other skills specific to each team. The teams are student-led with the assistance of staff, meaning that they have the autonomy and creative freedom to pursue their own ideas and projects within the context of the team.


Program Structure 

A range of opportunities are available with different time commitment and level of skills or experience required. There are mainly 3 types of opportunities you can get involved with: 


1. Casual Volunteering- Student@UNSW
Student@UNSW Volunteers

This group assists in UNSW-run events, for example orientation week, events, video promotions, Information Day, focus groups on a casual basis when you have time. 

This group also provides assistance to the other Skill Development Program student-led teams on a task-to-task basis. 


2. Program Support (Student-led Teams) 

*Refer to the Volunteer Tab for more information about what Student-led Teams mean. 

Program Support Team

The Program Support Team is the joint student/ staff leadership team of the Program, who work together to coordinate the Skills Development Program. Members of the Program Support Team meet regularly to discuss and make decisions on program changes and improvements. They also provide training, guidance and support to more junior volunteers in the Student Development Volunteering Program.

3. Student-led Projects (Student-led Teams) 

 *Refer to the Volunteer Tab for more information about what Student-led Teams mean. 

There are currently 5 team projects  you can choose from, which allow you to develop different skills:

Fundraising TeamFundraising in the Fundraising Team;
Discussion Group TeamDeveloping UNSW students as good communicators through running workshops in the Communication Team;
Transition TeamAssisting new students transition to university in the Transition Team;
Community EngagementEngaging with community partners to promote equity and inclusion in the Community Engagement Team; and
Global Citizen TeamDeveloping UNSW students as global citizens through online platforms in the Global Citizen Team.

For more information about each team, please click on the links above or refer to "Volunteer" below for more details about the different roles and opportunities available, and skills you may gain through these initiatives. 



Our Skill Development Program lets you develop skills employers love, such as teamwork, communication and leadership and helps you to connect with other students. We mainly offer two levels of opportunities that require different levels of experiences, skills and commitment.


 189,000, 3150, 450 - that’s your university career in minutes, hours and days. Gain more skills with the Skill Development Program and make every minute count!


 1. Casual Volunteering- Student@UNSW

If you’re new to volunteering then this is the ideal program for you to experience the personal satisfaction of what it’s like to be a volunteer, meet many new people and be actively involved in our activities. 

  • Recruitment Opens all year round, with a minimum requirement of 20 volunteering hours.
  • Once you are in the program, opportunities will be advertised to you via Email and Moodle on an event-by-event basis throughout the year.
  • You can complete the hours anytime during your degree.


2. Student-led Teams

If you are keen to use your skills and experiences to give back to the UNSW and the wider community, work in small teams and learn about project, time and team management.

  • Each team consists of 2 team representatives plus 4-6 project officers.
  • The estimated level of commitment is 2 – 10 hours per week depending on your discussions with the team and everyone’s academic and work schedule.
  • You will be doing lots of face-to-face group work, completing individual tasks at home, ongoing communication with the team and others on a weekly basis
  • You will commit and work with your teammates for at least SIX months.
  • Choose from a list of 6 different projects and work under staff supervision.
As part of the teams:
  • You will work collaboratively with your team member managing the project, teamwork, task and idea generation, task allocation, marketing, running the event, evaluation, etc.
  • You will have a chance to supervise the casual Student@UNSW volunteers to assist in your events.
  • If you are a Team Representatives, you will also need to help coordinate the team, empower members to work collaboratively, updating and seeking feedback from supervising staff.


Please refer to the timeline below for a brief idea on what to expect as part of the Student-led Teams. 

The dates below are not the set dates, they are only for your reference. Click on the events to view more details.


Click here for an interactive timeline and view more details for each activity. 

Getting InvolvedAbout

 Applications Now OPENED for all roles. Recruitment for Student-led teams closing on 10 July 2018.

Applications now OPENED:

Please note that there are TWO different application forms for the different roles: 

1. For Student@UNSW team

 - open all year roundApply here.


2. For any Student-led Teams 

 - Commit for at least ONE semester and is opened once per semester only, Apply here.


To receive the updates regarding recruitment in the futureplease subscribe here. 

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Extra curricular information session
Mon 7 MayTBA 
Communication Workshops

Tues 17 Apr 2018 - 10to11am at Matthews 2274 (CANCELLED)



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Contacts and more information


The Skill Development Program is offered by Student Life DVC(A), which offers professional development, support services, co-curricular and volunteering opportunities designed to compliment your university degree. 

Program Contact

Jessie Lui & Shristi Barahi



02 9385 9365

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