UNSW First Responders

You may wish to speak to someone before making a report e.g. a friend or family member or someone from UNSW. The person you speak to can also help make a report if that is something you choose to do.

There are also a number of services and people who can support you along the path to recovery from sexual assault. If you are not sure what to do you can talk to someone from one of the free and confidential services listed on this page. In addition, UNSW has trained First Responders that you can speak to in a number of Faculties and in student services. First Responders understand that reporting sexual misconduct can be difficult. They are not counsellors but they are trained to provide an appropriate initial response to your concerns and guide you to the right services. See further support on the Sexual Misconduct page.

For more information regarding the First Responders program or to become a First Responder please contact edi@unsw.edu.au


First Responders:

James Terry - ph: 9385 8123

Educational Support Advisor
John Goodsell Building, Ground Floor, Room G12
James speaks English


Roselle Nunes - ph: 9385 9569

Front Office Supervisor
Kingsford Legal Centre – Law Faculty – Ground Floor, Law Building (F8-003)
Roselle speaks English and Portuguese


Carmel Carlsen - ph: 9385 2674

Team Leader
UNSW Library (map reference F21)
Carmel speaks English


Arthur Escamilla - ph: 9313 0300 (Monday - Wednesday)

Dean Warrane College
UNSW Location M7
Arthur speaks English and Spanish


Cameron Faricy - ph: 9385 9417

Education Support Advisor
John Goodsell Building, G4
Cameron speaks English


Alana McHattan - ph: 9385 7309

Student Advisor
Rm 128, Level 1, Robert Webster Building
Alana works 8am to 4pm Monday to Wednesday & Friday
Alana speaks English


Peter Heslin - ph: 9385 7147

Associate Professor of Management
Business School Building, Level 5 room 550
Peter speaks English


Vanessa Moore - ph: 9385 4318

School Manager
School of Chemical Engineering, F10, Level 3 reception
Vanessa speaks English


Linda Lombardi - ph: 9385 7672

Arc@UNSW Legal & Advocacy Manager
Level 2 Basser College
Linda speaks English


Laura McNally - ph: 9385 4432

Projects Coordinator/Executive Assistant to the Head of School
Room 344, Hilmer Building E10
Laura speaks English 


Louise Tabrum - ph: 9385 6448

International Student Advisor
Goodsell Building, Ground Floor
Louise speaks English


Paula Aldwell - ph: 9385 3388

Administration School of Marketing and School of Accounting
Room 3038, Level 3, Quad Building (E15)
Paula works part time  Monday to Thursday
Paula speaks English


Asako Clonaris - ph: 9385 5337

Exchange Coordinator
Room G30, Goodsell Building (F20)
Asako speaks English, conversational Japanese, Greek


Terry Cumming - ph: 9385 1944

Associate Professor, School of Education
School of Education
Email is the best way to contact Terry. Terry is often off campus for research on Monday and Friday but still available via email  
Terry speaks English


Anne Ayres - ph: 9385 4666

Administrative Officer
Room 105 Dalton Building (F12)
Anne speaks English


Mira van der Ley - ph: 0400 719 861

Associate Lecturer
Room G23A, Biolink, Biological Sciences North (D26)
Mira speaks English


Wendy Dorrington - ph: 9385 2650

Team Member, Client Services Unit
Wendy rotates between the Main, Law and Paddington Libraries on a daily basis. The staff member who answers the above listed phone number will be able to put you in contact with Wendy.
Wendy speaks English


Lynn Greenwood - ph: 0478 492 056

Faculty Executive Director, UNSW Art & Design
Paddington Campus, D Block Ground Floor
Lynn speaks English


Tzu-Ping (Emily) Ou - ph: 9385 4734

International Student Advisor
John Goodsell Building
Emily speaks English and Chinese Mandarin


Laura Hunter - ph: 9385 1571

Executive Assistant to Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous
Nura Gili (to change locations mid February 2018)
Laura works full time and is also a student at UNSW 
Laura speaks English


Gernot Heiser - ph: 9490 5850

Scientia Professor
Building K17- 301

Gernot works full time but travels frequently
Gernot speaks English and German



Daphne-Ann Kelly - ph: 9385 4488

Student Adviser UNSW Global 
Student Services, Level 1, L5 building 
Daphne speaks English


Stuart Maclaine - ph: 0401 603 175

Deputy Dean of Fig Tree Hall 
Fig Tree Hall (B 18)


Stuart speaks English

Stuart can also be contacted through UNSW Student Accommodation Office at Gate 5 High Street


Ravit Danieli-Vlandis - ph: 9385 3136 or 0420 984 544

Administrative Assistant 
Samuels Building, Level 3, Reception 
Ravit speaks English and Hebrew


Scott East - ph: 8936 0609

Paddington, F124B 
Scott speaks English

It is best to arrange a time to meet Scott via email or phone due to his teaching schedule.


Ajay Kumar Vijay - ph: 9385 4503

Research Fellow
Room 2.013A, M15 Rupurt Myers Building, North Wing 
Ajay speaks English, Hindi and Tamil


Penny Griffin - ph: 9385 8487

Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations 
MB 128
Penny speaks English and French

In Semester 1, 2018, Penny is on campus Tuesdays and Fridays. Penny will take some Long Service Leave for part of Semester 2.


David Stahel - ph: 6268 8873

Senior Lecturer 
HASS Canberra 
David speaks English and German


Laura Wilson - ph: 9385 3866

DECRA Fellow 
D26, Room 558 
Laura speaks English and conversational German and French