Short Courses for Postgraduate Research

On this page you can find short courses for postgraduate research students.

Learning Centre Courses

Thesis writing for Faculty of Art and Design students

Understanding, support and clarity regarding Thesis Writing in Art & Design

The UNSW Learning Centre’s Art & Design Thesis Writing Workshop series introduces students to the traditional components of an academic thesis and then explores the ways in which these may or may not be relevant in the context of visual/creative arts & design practice. The series as whole insists that good academic writing contributes positively to both the production and reception of creative work.

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Advanced Academic Writing for HDR ESL students

Duration: 10 week x 2 hours per week

Begins: August 2017

To enrol: please email Bronwen Phillips (

In the primary context of thesis proposals and literature reviews, the aims of the course are to examine specific concerns of academic writing, which include:

  • ways of introducing thesis proposals and hypotheses;
  • structuring definitions;
  • organising paragraphs, and
  • using nominalisations.

Also discussed are:

  • how to summarise and paraphrase;
  • the language of evaluation;
  • the development of your own writing voice, and
  • editing strategies.

Numerous opportunities for feedback from the instructor and fellow students will be provided throughout the course.

Talking about your research': an advanced course in oral communication

This postgraduate research course aims to help prepare research students for their ongoing studies at UNSW. The aims of the course are for the participants to:

  • build confidence when speaking critically about their research
  • develop awareness of working on and empowering the 'student voice'
  • enhance structures and processes that will strengthen the formal presentation
  • enhance and provide practice in performance skills
  • build awareness of the complexity of what makes a good oral presentation

Performance of presentations, self-review and peer feedback form an integral part of this course.

Duration: 'Talking about your research' is presented in weekly 2-hour workshop over 6 weeks.

Further information here, or please contact Gwyn Jones (

Faculty-based Courses on Thesis Writing and Research Management


Credit bearing courses

All PHD and Masters by Research UNSW Engineering students in their second semester will automatically be enrolled in GSOE9400: Engineering Postgraduate Research Essentials. This course is managed and coordinated by the Graduate School of Engineering.

Thesis writing in Engineering

This is a series of four workshops on structuring and editing the thesis. It is offered in later in Semester 1 and Semester 2 each year. Usually recommended for students in their 3rd or final year who are ready to start writing their thesis. Students enrol via the Graduate School of Engineering. Contact Lynne O'Sullivan ( for further information.