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UNSW's Student Life and Learning is committed to delivering a high quality, well-rounded academic experience for all our students. We believe that real success is achieved when students feel well-supported, have a strong connection to the UNSW community and engage in activities that complement their degree programs.

We have a range of services, programs and initiatives designed to help students with their busy study lives at UNSW and beyond:

  • Academic skills development - writing and speaking for different disciplines and audiences
  • Understanding of the self and interpersonal communication
  • Teamwork and the development of community leadership and engagement skills
  • Volunteering, peer mentoring and ambassadorship opportunities for local and international students
  • Career and professional development, real-world research opportunities and networking

All services provided are free, confidential and professional. To find out more see our Directory of Resources and Services or phone 02 9385 8939 and email

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