Student@UNSW Volunteers

Student@UNSW Volunteers

The Student@UNSW Volunteers are a group that support the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic's initiatives through a range of student engagement events and promotional activities. There is a wide variety of initiatives to get involved in as well as professional development opportunities as you will be part of the bigger community - Skill Development Program.

If you’re new to volunteering then this is the ideal program for you to experience the personal satisfaction of what it’s like to be a volunteer, meet many new people and be actively involved in our activities.

You will be the face of the Student@UNSW monthly newsletter, which is read by over 56,000 UNSW students here and overseas. Past editions can be found on the Student@UNSW newsletter page

This opportunity is accredited by UNSW Advantage as eligible for recognition on your Australian Higher Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Team Members

This is a big community with over 300 volunteers who assist UNSW staff and students in various ways.

You are…

  • New to volunteering and want to give it a go.
  • Have a passion and drive for volunteering and being part of a community.
  • Are an experienced volunteer or have a full timetable, you may not have a lot of time this semester but still want to be involved in the UNSW community.
  • Be creative, open minded and ready to look for opportunities to develop yourself.

If this sounds like you…

  • Enjoy a range of volunteering opportunities on a casual basis throughout the semester
  • Assist in orientation week, accessibility ambassadors, focus groups, appear in videos, workshops, and more. 
  • Available to participate in training sessions and interested in professional development opportunities.
  • Love to meet new people, represent the UNSW central communication Student@UNSW, provide logistical on the day support.

How to get involved

Applications are open all year round, please apply here.

Once you have registered, all upcoming training/volunteering opportunities will be advertised via Email/Moodle throughout the semester.

Info for Event Providers

All volunteers are trained with the knowledge on expected conduct, work health safety, etc. with ongoing training opportunities covering communication skills, disability and LGBTIQ awareness, etc. These students are ready to offer their time and skills to assist in a wide range of UNSW activities.

Click here if you are looking for volunteers to help out!