Art and Design Courses for Summer Term 2020

Please note: The following information is provided as a guide only to help you find information about Summer Term courses. Offering information may change so please refer to the Handbook for more current information.

Drawing 1: Foundations

Course Code: DART1110

Drawing is a fundamental human endeavour through which we can see, discover, imagine, and create. This introductory course is an entry point to these possibilities, enabling you to develop familiarity and confidence with a range of materials, techniques, and strategies. You will explore conceptual and perceptual processes that underpin observational analysis, working directly from objects and the nude life-model. You will also engage with drawing as a means of creative expression, and a tool of imagination and enquiry relevant to diverse contemporary practices.

Painting 1: Foundations

Course Code: DART1120

This course is a studio focused introduction to painting that prepares you for further individual development as you work towards a professional career in the context of contemporary art. Painting embraces a diverse and exciting range of forms such as luxe paint pours, swathes of spray-painted fabric, surrealist figuration, and hard-edged geometric abstraction. It is the disciplines and languages of painting that draw these forms together. Using the studio as a central focus, you will be introduced to the practice of painting within a contemporary art context. Working individually and collaboratively in the studio you will complete a range of practical tasks that will give you a foundation in painting practice. You will learn how to use painting tools, materials, supports, and how to work with colour and tone to create paintings. In a stimulating and supportive studio environment, you will present your paintings for discussion with peers and develop skills for giving and receiving feedback. You will be introduced to the practices of contemporary painters, and encouraged to visit leading galleries and spaces located in the local area to inspire and inform your development.

Moving Image 1

Course Code: DART1230

This course introduces you to the key creative and conceptual principles for working with video and moving images. With introductions to digital video cameras, sound recording, and editing software, the course enables you to develop shooting and editing techniques relevant to artistic and media arts contexts. Throughout the course, you will also be encouraged to explore the foundations of spatial and temporal montage, camera work, and screen aesthetics, in order to develop a repertoire of technical and conceptual approaches that can be applied to a diverse range of contexts such as video art, installation, experimental film, and expanded cinema.

Creative Experimentation

Course Code: DART2190, DART9406

‘Creative Experimentation’ is designed to help you experience the full potential of your own creativity by engaging in experimental art, design or digital media practices. You will also learn how to apply these principles of experimentation to your own area of study in this intensive course.

This course will extend your knowledge, research and technical skills through discourse and engagement in reflective practice and concept development. You will work with peers from a wide range of backgrounds such as design, science, medicine, creative artists, engineering, architecture, mathematics, etc., to develop practice-led research within the areas of emerging technologies. You will be guided in generating random data based upon a physical location, which you will visualise in different creative mediums. The result of this process will be a body of work through which you can demonstrate your experimental process, resulting in a range of innovative, unexpected creative outputs. By engaging with this process using a range of emergent technologies, you will broaden your existing knowledge and skills, and develop a framework for experimentation that is current, innovative, personally meaningful, and professionally relevant.


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