Built Environment Faculty Courses for Summer Term 2020

Please note: The following information is provided as a guide only to help you find information about Summer Term courses. Offering information may change so please refer to the Handbook for more current information.

Cinematic Space

Course Code: BEIL6003

Cinema is an art form closely tied to architecture and the built environment. They both create and define experiences of place and space. The video camera is an easy and highly accessible tool that provides for creative expression, storytelling, documentary, research and critique of spaces within the built environment. It enables the creation of cinematic experiences for distribution to a wide audience through the web or other forms of multimedia. The aim of this course is to explore the video camera and cinema in the understanding, evaluating and communication of place and space. It also aims to make the video camera a familiar tool in architectural research and analysis. The course will culminate in the final assessment which is the production of a short film, employing creative ideas and techniques, as well as critical analysis, to effectively tell a story about a selected spatial experience.

Design studio explorations: Sydney's Big Urban Challenges

Course Code: BEIL6010

This course considers the city as a site of inquiry, experimentation, and collaboration. Students in the course will be looking at how some of Sydney’s biggest urban challenges can be addressed through design interventions at the local scale. Key themes to be examined include strategic planning, city-shaping infrastructure and pressing concerns of densification, housing affordability, gentrification, as well as social and spatial inequality.

Through a series of intensive design workshops, accompanied by lectures, tours and site visits, the students will be introduced to key government, professional and community stakeholders. The course will be structured as an intense 10-day design studio workshop that will foster design innovation between disciplines, while also providing connections to local industry, issues and practice. The focus is on how to implement the key strategic directions set out in Sydney’s latest Metropolitan and District Plans. The big urban challenges faced, and Government proposals to solve them, will be explored through focused design projects at the local level. Working in multidisciplinary groups, students will be asked to use real-life scenarios to test their ideas and directly engage with key community and professional stakeholders through the design process.


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