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Welcome to UNSW! You are probably wondering what life as a student at UNSW might be like.

This live chat service connects you with current UNSW students from a range of faculties and programs.

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We understand that the transition to university may be daunting. Current students have the knowledge, experience and tips to build social networks to help you in your first week, first semester and first year of university. Let us connect you with co-curricular opportunities, student societies, second hand textbooks, where to purchase food on campus and more! 

Meet our students

Get to know some of our student volunteers for this semester. 

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We’ve put together a list of the top ten areas that students ask about when they start university. Click here to find out what they are.

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Student Testimonial

I can't begin to list the ways that the student life programs have helped me develop as an all-round person. The live chat tool was the first service I engaged with after enrolling at UNSW and it was my first experience of a 'human face' (as it were) to the uni. It made a huge difference to be able to speak directly to friendly, knowledgeable uni students.

- Reena 2017 (Communications/ Journalism) and Laws


Kieran, Harsimran, Linda and Ciaran

Programs in Advanced Science (Honours), Software and Chemical Engineering, Science and Economics.

How do you manage your time between study/ volunteering/ work/ having a social life/ hobbies/ sport/ travel etc...

I barely manage it, which is normal—that’s just because having things to do all the time makes me feel good. This helps me stop procrastinating and schedule better as I work around my volunteer, school, society, work and friends. It really depends on what you value the most in uni; and uni is all about making and crafting your own experience. Just do your best and try to have the most fun possible, but don’t forget to study! That's how I've gone about managing my time and prioritizing my work. Find what you’re passionate about. - Ciaran

Celine and Elise

Programs in Psychological Science and Public Relations and Advertising.

What is one piece of advice for new students?

Your tutors are there to help you learn – don’t hesitate to answer questions in class (even if you’re not sure of the answer, it's ok to be wrong!) or ask them for additional help. - Elise

Start healthy habits; try to attend all lectures and complete tutorial tasks and readings. - Celine


Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve enrolled, you probably have some questions about your student experience at the University. To make your transition into this exciting stage of your life as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a list of the top ten FAQs new students ask about.

  1. Class Formats: I’ve enrolled in both 'lectures’ and ‘tutorials’ what's the difference? - Ask us! 
  2. Resources: Which textbooks should I buy? Do I need a laptop?
  3. UNSW ID Cards: How do I get my student ID?
  4. Transport: How do I get to and from uni?
  5. The UNSW Student Experience: What’s uni actually like? What do I bring on my first day? What if I get lost? - Ask us! 
  6. Program: Is this program right for me?
  7. Moodle: How do I find information about my readings, lectures and coursework?
  8. Co-curricular Opportunities: How can I get involved in volunteering and/or meet other people outside of my classes?
  9. Facilities on Campus: Where do I find food (affordable) and microwaves? What about gyms and pools? Can I access the internet?
  10. Employment Opportunities: How do I find employment and balance work with study?

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