Live Q&A with Kingsford Legal Centre

Live Q&A with Kingsford Legal Centre
5 Aug 2020, 3:00pm - 4:00pm

In these fortnightly sessions solicitors from Kingsford Legal Centre (KLC) and the Migrant Employment Legal Service (MELS) answer your questions about renting off campus, tenancy and employment rights.

You can submit your questions when registering for the session and we ask that you register at least 24 hours prior to the webinar. We will review your questions and the most commonly asked questions will form the focus of the session. Please keep your questions general and do not provide any personal information.

Location: Online webinar

Date: Wed 5 August, 3-4pm

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More support

If you require legal advice about your circumstance, please contact one of the free tenancy services listed below. Please note accessing legal advice will not impact on your visa. Only the Minister can cancel your visa. More information.

If you require assistance with on-campus accommodation please contact UNSW Student Accommodation Office.

Kingsford Legal Centre provides free and confidential legal advice to UNSW staff and students. They can help you with legal issues including tenancy, employment, fines, car accidents, debts and discrimination. KLC cannot provide immigration advice or advice against UNSW.


Free tenancy services

If you have any further questions about these webinars or you are an international student and require support, please feel free to book an appointment with an ISA or contact the International Student Experience Unit.

If you require assistance with on-campus accommodation please contact UNSW Student Accommodation Office.

Domestic students can contact the Student Support and Success team.