Thesis Writing Support Program for Postgraduate Research Students

The Learning Centre is offering a thesis writing support program for Higher Degree Research students. 

The program provides students with feedback on their writing and assistance with any specific writing problem. It involves collaborative editing and individual discussion of each student’s work.

Suitable for: students who are already writing on a regular basis. It is NOT suitable for students in their first year. Students are expected to bring several pages of their own writing to each meeting. 

Consists of: five fortnightly small groups meetings at various times during the week (program runs for a ten-week period).

Groups: run by an experienced facilitator, groups will be small (no more than five students) and will be discipline-based, as much as feasible. Liaison with supervisors is welcomed. 

We strongly encourage students from a particular school to apply as a group. Such groups have been particularly successful in the past.

Begins: In semester 1, meetings begin in weeks 7 and 8, on various dates.


Enrolling for the program

Due to overwhelming demand, applications are closed for 2018. Applications for 2019 will be available towards the end of the year.