U-CONNECT: Peer Advisors

U-CONNECT: Peer Advisors

U-Connect Peer Advisors are a group of senior students who are committed to providing information and support to their peers at UNSW. U-Connect Peer Advisors represent a diverse group of experienced students from across UNSW and provide an accessible source of information and assistance to support students on their academic journey.

All U-Connect volunteers complete a rigorous training program led by professionals from Student Life and Learning.

U-Connect Peer Advisors won't claim to know all the answers or tell you what to do, but they will do their best to support you in finding your own answers, and can, if necessary, point you in the direction of other more formal sources of support. They can provide information on an array of topics relevant to students; from study skills, university processes, and health and welfare. U-Connect Peer Advisors will treat any discussions with you with the utmost regard to your privacy and confidentiality.

U-Connect Peer Advisors volunteer their time to help fellow students cope with the challenges of University. As all U-Connect Peer Advisors are students themselves, they have experienced many of the challenges that students are facing and can relate with you on a personal level.
U-Connect Peer Advisors are:

Good communicators

  • U-Connect Peer Advisors complete a training program led by professionals from Student Life and Learning.

Good listeners

  • Students can talk about what is getting in the way of their study in a non-judgmental, confidential and supportive atmosphere.

Campus "Connectors"

  • U-Connect Peer Advisors can connect you to the services or resource you need on campus. 

Open and friendly

  • U-Connect Peer Advisors are committed to providing information and support to fellow students in an informal and friendly manner.

Experienced students

  • U-Connect Peer Advisors are later year students who can provide general and discipline specific input individually and in small study group meetings on; tackling assignments, good study habits and other strategies to help get you through.

How can I connect with a U-Connect Peer Advisor

REGISTER HERE or email the U-Connect Co-ordinator at uconnect@unsw.edu.au

How can I volunteer as a U-Connect Peer Advisor

We are taking applications for Semester 1, 2017. If you are in your 2nd year of uni you can volunteer as a U-CONNECT Peer Advisor. More Information