TAPP Peer Mentoring Program - for U@UNSW Students

Who can join this Peer Mentoring Program?

The Transition Assistance Peer Program (TAPP) is a mentoring program for students who participated in the U@UNSW Program in High School Years 11 and 12.

Program description

This mentoring program has been designed to assist 1st year U@UNSW students with their transition to university. Mentors and mentees will meet once a week for a one hour session. Students are encouraged to also participate in their Faculty specific mentoring programs.

Your peer mentor will assist you to:

  • engage with the university experience and develop a sense of student identity
  • raise your awareness of a range of student support services available to you
  • share an experienced students perspective and knowledge in regards to university life and learning
  • connect with a small group of peers on campus
  • become independent and life-long learners.

When does this program run?

Semester 1 only

Program duration?

This Program starts in Week 1 and ends in Week 12

When are registrations open?

Registration opens in February.

How do I register to participate in the program?

We open registrations at our U@UNSW Orientation event in February and you can sign up at any stage by contacting Sarah Roche, U@UNSW Project Officer, on the details below.

More information

How can I become a mentor?

If you’ve participated in the U@UNSW program while at high school or attended a school we currently partner with, then you’ll make an ideal U@UNSW Peer Mentor. Please contact Sarah using the above contact details.