DIPP1510: Work Placement Course Outline & Application Form

UNSW Work Placement (DIPP1510) Course Outline & Application Form

This course is for students who have secured work experience or an internship / industry relevant placement and who are prepared to undertake associated course work to have this experience formally recognised as part of their learning at UNSW. To be considered for enrolment, students must complete and submit the application form on this page after checking their eligibility.


Before applying check your eligibility to enrol in DIPP1510 as a GenEd or elective. You may need special permission from your Program or Faculty. NOTE: Co-op students are excluded from completing DIPP1510, DIPP1112, and COMM2222. 

Business students may only complete EITHER DIPP1510 OR COMM2222.  

Course outlines

Application form

Enrolment is only possible by completing and submitting this application form. Successful students will be manually enrolled by the Program Support Officer and notified.

Submit this form to dipp1510@unsw.edu.au

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