Student Complaints and Appeals

Student Complaints and Appeals

On this page you will find information to assist you to pursue a complaint about your student experience.

Can complaints be anonymous?

Yes, complaints can be made anonymously.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is any type of problem, concern or grievance about your studies, student life, the University or the University environment. Basically, anything which negatively affects your studies or experience at University can be raised as a complaint.

Before you make a complaint

Talk to someone about your concerns and familiarise yourself with the policy and procedure that relate to your concerns as well as the Student Complaint Procedure. The following resources can help you to decide how to address your concerns:

The complaints process explained

Here you will find an overview of the complaints process.

Tips for making a complaint

Find out how to make your complaint count.

Submit your complaint

Find out how you can submit your complaint.

Contacts for advice

Discover contacts that can help you with your complaint.

Policies and resources

In this section you will find policy documents relating to complaints and some useful links.