Student Loans

Student Loans

Here you can find information about student loans available for UNSW students.

UNSW Sydney supports students experiencing financial difficulties to persist in their studies through the student loans system.

All loans are repayable and interest free. Students currently enrolled in coursework and higher degree research programs, and UNSW enabling programs, are able to apply for a student loan. Both domestic and international students are eligible to apply.

Students must satisfy specific application and approval criteria, and sign a legally binding contract that outlines the repayment arrangement.

For further information read the Student Loans Procedure (pdf) or to apply for a loan follow the link that is relevant to you below:

Postgrad research students

If you are a postgraduate research student in need of a loan for:

UNSW Canberra students

Emergency assistance loans

Emergency assistance loans are available for UNSW Canberra students through UNSW Canberra Student Administrative Services.

Long term loans

Long term loans are available for UNSW Canberra students through the Student Support and Success Loan Process.

All other students

All other UNSW students enrolled in UNSW coursework program, and/or UNSW enabling programs (UNSW Preparation Program, UNSW Prep Program, and Indigenous Humanities Pathways Program) are eligible to apply for a loan by completing the Student Support and Success Application Form.