Workshops and Courses for Academic Skills Development

The UNSW Learning Centre offers workshop programmes throughout Semesters 1 and 2 on a wide variety of academic skills. Some workshops focus on, or explain, different tasks such as essays, oral presentations, reports and research papers. Other workshops help students develop particular skills essential to academic study such as critical thinking, referencing and understanding what plagiarism is.

What students say

"The workshops were informative and also presented in a very simple way...

"The workshops were informative and also presented in a very simple way. The tasks made it easier learn how to apply the skills."

"Kind teachers and rich resources, the skills provided are practical and very useful, very helpful to our assignments."

"It's good to join the workshops as I know that I am not alone and not the only one who has difficulties in doing research. Besides, the experiences the conveners have shared makes study much easier and helped me avoid many mistakes. It is always fruitful to attend these classes."

"There was a good balance between theory and hands-on activities. All lecturers came very well prepared."

"They were of very high quality, pertinent,very well delivered. Not least, they were entertaining and a pleasure to listen to."

"It was a mixture of tips and practical hands on work which I'm sure will be helpful for my masters thesis. I'd like to look into more of these courses."

"Well-constructed with relevant information, great delivery, engaging presenters."

(Comments from Learning Centre Evaluation Surveys)

Upcoming workshops

Learning Centre workshops are designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students. A small selection are also specifically designed for students whose first language is not English. Academic skills workshops are typically one to two hours in duration. Some workshops are run as a series and may be held once a week for two to seven weeks. That is, they are developmental. Others are run as 'once only' workshops. Workshop sizes are usually limited to a maximum of 30 students to maintain a fairly informal structure.

'Shut Up and Write' Cafe Meet-ups for HDR Students

31 Jan 2017 – 31 Jul 2017

Join the UNSW Shut up and Write! Get that thesis moving! Get writing! Start the year as you mean to end it – make writing a routine part of your life

Writing Summaries and Paraphrases

24 Mar 2017

Summary writing and paraphrasing are essential skills for writing at university. Please bring your own texts to work on during this workshop.

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Postgraduate Coursework Day 2017

1 Apr 2017

The Learning Centre invites UNSW postgraduate coursework students to attend a morning of workshops to support them in their academic coursework.

More information and registration details

Thesis Writing for Art & Design

24 May 2017 – 14 Jun 2017

Understanding, Support, Clarity for writing a thesis in Art & Design