Academic Transcript

An academic transcript is a certified record of your full enrolment history at UNSW, including all courses attempted, results received and awards conferred. It cannot be altered or separated, e.g. between undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Please be aware:

  • if you provide falsified documents to external agencies which misrepresent your qualifications from UNSW, then this could result in one of a range of penalties, from failure in the course or suspension (where applicable), exclusion and/or the matter may be reported to ICAC.
  • the University will not release any official documents, including transcripts whilst your student account is blocked. Student accounts can be blocked for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, overdue debts and Student Misconduct investigations.

As a student, you must be aware of your obligations and responsibilities under the Student Code.

Academic transcript requests for current students

You can order copies of your academic transcript online

Please note: You may not need an official academic transcript, as your academic record and results are available for viewing on myUNSW.

To use the service you must have:

  1. Current access to myUNSW, and
  2. A credit card to make the purchase.

If you do not have myUNSW access, you need to follow the former student procedure outlined below.

Order a transcript online here


Academic transcript requests for former students

Fast transcript service

Fast service transcripts are available to all students enrolled since 1992. Some exclusions apply. Further details can be found below.

  • Fast service transcripts are not available to students enrolled in programs at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) in 2008 or prior. Please use the standard transcript request form for these requests (below).
  • Fast transcripts are issued as your record stands on the day of request. Please check your myUNSW student record and ensure all your information is correct before you submit your request. This includes making sure all your results are finalised and visible on myUNSW; and if you have recently completed your program, that your graduation status is 'Awarded'.
  • Academic transcripts cannot be issued to any student who has outstanding debts with the university. Debts include all blocks including fees, library fines and equipment and other negative service indicators.

How to apply

Fast Service transcripts must be collected from The Nucleus: Student Hub - they will not be mailed to you. A minimum of two copies of your transcript are issued per request.

  1. Complete the application form providing your personal details, program details and completing an online payment of $38.
  2. Wait for a Ready to Collect notification then collect your transcript in person at The Nucleus: Student Hub.
  3. You will need to present photo ID when collecting your transcript. Please refer to the below information for collection times.


  • AGSM
  • pre-1992 students

Alexander Mackie or the former City Art Institute

Standard service request

This service is for all current and past Kensington, Paddington and ADFA/RMC students.

Standard service requests take approximately 5 working days to process. Please allow additional time during major assessment periods (May, September and December), or if you were enrolled in or before 1968 and have not recently requested a transcript.

If you have a debt with the university an academic transcript cannot be issued to you.

Delivery Times for Standard Australia Post can be up to:

  • Australian Metropolitan Areas – 10 working days
  • Australian Regional Areas – 15 working days
  • Overseas Areas – 30 working days

These delivery times should be taken into consideration when choosing a delivery option and before contacting us about delays. These timelines do not include the processing time.

How to apply

Complete the online form here. You will require a credit card to make the purchase. Please ensure you only use English-language characters.

If you have additional request details, e.g. if an overseas institution requires your transcripts to be in separate signed, sealed envelopes, please note these instructions clearly in the comments section.


Proof of Identity

To enable the University to fulfill its obligations under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (NSW) 1998, you must submit a copy of your driver's license, passport or birth certificate. Your request cannot be processed until you provide this. If you do not have a current driver's license or a passport, you will need to provide copies of the equivalent of 100 points of ID such as medicare card, bankcard, student identity card, electricity bill etc.

If you have changed your name since you studied at UNSW, you will also need to provide evidence of this by providing either a copy of your marriage certificate, official change of name certificate or a copy of other relevant documentation.


Current and past UNSW students, can contact for further enquiries.

Transcripts being sent to another Australian university or TAFE

There is no charge for transcripts being sent directly to another Australian University or College of TAFE. (NOTE: This does not include Private Colleges, Associations or Registration Boards.) To arrange for your transcript to be sent directly to another Australian University or College of TAFE you need to include the information listed below in your online application. Complete the online form here

You need to provide:

  • Your UNSW student ID and your current contact details
  • Name and address of the destination University or TAFE
  • Name of the department
  • Name of the contact person
  • The program for which you are enrolling
  • Your application number
  • Your student ID from that institution (if you have one)
  • Please specify if you are applying for credit transfer

Transcripts being sent to World Education Services (WES)

UNSW has an  arrangement in place with WES to send electronic transcripts through a secure and official channel. For the cost of a standard transcript, UNSW will send an electronic copy of your transcript directly to WES and will mail a hardcopy transcript to your listed mailing address. To arrange for your transcript to be sent to WES, you need to ensure you include the 7-digit WES Reference Number in your online application. Please do not choose TNT for WES electronic copies.

Charges and payment


The costs of copies are as follows:

Fast Service: $38 - two copies

Standard transcript request:

  • $38 for the first two copies
  • $15 for each additional copy.


  • Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard ONLY) online.
  • Personal cheques or cash cannot be accepted.

Please note, refunds will not be issued for a change of mind.

Academic transcript request if you have outstanding debts with the University

Applications for academic transcripts cannot be processed if you have an outstanding debt to the University. Debts include all fees, loans, library fines, housing blocks, Art & Design blocks, ATAX blocks and equipment. Student Administration will contact you if you have a debt. You will need to clear this debt before your academic transcript can be released.


Transcripts are normally sent via regular Australia Post domestic and airmail services. Official Academic Transcripts cannot be emailed.

For an additional fee transcripts can be sent internationally via TNT couriers, or Express Post within Australia.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: TNT Courier Delivery

Experience has shown that regular airmail to addresses in North America and South-East Asia can take up to 30 working days to arrive. The only service that can guarantee delivery within a reasonable time frame is TNT couriers. Additional fees for TNT vary depending on the country that the package is being sent to (see above table).

TNT have advised that they cannot deliver to overseas post box addresses, and require a specific person be nominated to receive the package. If you are requesting delivery by TNT you must include in your request the:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact telephone number and
  • Email address or fax number

of the person you are nominating to take delivery of your transcript.

Request for historical program and course information

Electronic versions of the UNSW Handbooks and Calendars from 1957 onwards are available from Copies of all Handbooks and Calendars are also kept in the UNSW Library.