Urgent Help and Emergency Contacts

Urgent Help and Emergency Contacts

Here you can find contacts for emergencies and for advice with personal, study and uni related matters.

ON campus emergency

Campus Security is your first point of contact for any incident or emergency on campus. They will coordinate any emergency response 24/7:

OFF campus emergency

24 hour counselling and mental health

Warning Signs to help determine if someone is in need of mental help.

Victims of crime

A victim of crime is someone who has suffered physical harm, emotional trauma and/or personal property loss resulting from criminal activity. If you have been a victim of crime don't be afraid to come forward to report the crime as our Campus Security Services Officers are specially trained to help you.

    For support outside UNSW see:

    First aid and insurance for injuries

    If you require non-urgent First Aid assistance and cannot make it to the University Health Service, contact Campus Security on phone 9385 6000. Each Patrol Officer carries a First Aid kit or pouch.

    Students are covered by Insurance for Injuries incurred in UNSW activities.

    Emergency procedures

    This section tells you what to do in case of an emergency:

    • Raise the alarm
    • Listen to announcements by Building Emergency Staff
    • Evacuate the building when instructed to do so

    How do I raise the alarm?

    • Alert people nearby and enlist their aid
    • In an emergency, call the Security Control Room immediately on 9385 6666 or break the glass alarm.

    When an alarm is raised you will hear the following sounds:

    BE ALERT when you hear this Beep Beep sound [mp3, 50 kb]

    • Remain CALM
    • Stand-by and listen for further instructions
    • Gather your personal belongings in case of evacuation

    EVACUATE when you hear this Whoop Whoop sound [mp3, 85 kb]

    • Gather your immediate belongings
    • Listen to instructions - Wardens/Security and Emergency Services
    • Make your way to the emergency EXITS and leave the building
    • Go to the emergency assembly point
    • Identify any persons who maybe missing or injured

    More support at UNSW