Request an 'On the Day' consultation with counselling

UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services [CAPS] are available Monday to Friday to help students while they are residing in Australia with counselling.

To request an 'On the Day" consultation visit us between 9.00am-10.00am Monday to Friday (except Wednesday mornings); or between 12.45-2pm Monday to Friday. Depending on availability, you will be allocated an 'On the Day' consultation with a counsellor in either the morning or afternoon of that day.

It is also possible to speak briefly with a counsellor by requesting an 'On the Day Brief Phone'consultation. These brief phone consultations will allow you to explore the issues of concern with a counsellor who can assist you take the first step in addressing your concerns. These phone consultations will provide you with information (as a minimum), explore some immediate options for action, and/or help you find the most appropriate referral option for your situation.

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