Board and Committees, Arc @ UNSW

Board and Committees, Arc @ UNSW

Arc is a democratic organisation, run by a Board of Directors. The Board's role is to ensure the organisation as a whole meets its goals and objects.


The Directors elected to the Board work in conjunction with the CEO of Arc to make the major decisions about the running of Arc. The Board's role, along with the sub-committees' is to ensure the organisation as a whole meets its goals and objects.

How to get involved

Elections are held during semester 1 every year to fill the positions on the Board. More information available online.


Arc @ UNSW Board:

  • Chair
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Student Director


Finance - Member

  • Audit & Risk - Chair
  • Audit & Risk - Member
  • Nominations & Remuneration - Chair
  • Nominations & Remuneration - Member
  • Membership & Services - Chair
  • Membership & Services - Member


An Induction and training program is provided to students elected to the Board.


Directors are elected to the Board for a term of 2 years commencing June. Subcommittee Chairs and members are elected from the pool of existing Directors and hold a term of office for 1 year commencing in June.


Availability of activity

Semester - weekdays, Semester break - weekdays

Type of activity

Committees & councils

Provider of activity

Arc @ UNSW

Interest area

Accounting & office management, Marketing, media & communications, Writing & editing

Skills required and/or developed

Critical & analytical thinking, Interpersonal & communication, Leadership, Maths, finance & accounting, Organisational & time management, Problem solving & practical skills, Team work & networking

Contacts and more information


Arc @ UNSW






02 9385 7700

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