Support for Families

Support for Families of International Students

Here you can find information for supporters and families of international students at UNSW. We extend a warm welcome to family members and we hope the UNSW Australia experience will be enriching for every member of your family.

Guide for parents and supporters of students

Getting started at university is a time of rapid transition and growth and this experience is often shared by you as their supporters. There's a lot to organise and information to take in so we've developed this guide to assist in understanding what it means to be a successful student at UNSW and how you can help your son, daughter, family member or partner to get the most out of their time at UNSW:

English version

Here you can access the English version of the guide:

Chinese 中文 version

Here you can access the Chinese 中文 version of the guide:

Bringing family

The Bringing Family Guide is provided as a guide to assist students who are planning to bring their families to Australia. It is designed to provide information, links and resources relating to accommodation, childcare, schooling and employment for partners.

Information and support

SDI extends a warm welcome to the family members of international students at UNSW. We hope that this experience will be enriching for every member of your family. SDI provides support to international students' families and invites spouses/partners/parents to attend our social events, career sessions, exchange experiences and practice conversational English.

Information sessions, workshops and activities


These seminars are held during the International Student Briefing Day. No registration is required. For more information, email

  • Seminar for English-speaking International Parents/Family/Caregivers (delivered in English) : Friday 19 February 2017, 11am - 12pm, Ainsworth Building, Room G02 (Map Ref: J17)
  • Seminar for Chinese-speaking International Parents/Family (delivered in Chinese Mandarin): Friday 19 February 2017, 11am - 12pm, Ainsworth Building, Room G01 (Map Ref: J17)

During Semester

  • Get That Part Time Job: Monday, 27th February, 1pm - 2pm, Civil Engineering 109. Bookable through UNSW Careers and Employment.
  • Ace The Interview! Effective Interview Preparation: Wednesday, 1st March, 10am - 12pm, Old Main Building G31. Bookable through UNSW Careers and Employment.
  • Writing a Successful Resume and Cover Letter: Thursday, 2nd March, 1.30pm - 3pm, Matthews 312. Bookable through UNSW Careers and Employment.
  • Career Session for Families: TBA
  • Community Information for Students and familiesTBA
  • Conversation Classes: Every Tuesday starting from the 28th February to 28th of March at 12-1pm. Students need to have at least intermediate English to join the conversation classes. Bookable through SDI Online Booking System.

To apply for the Language Exchange Program: Refer to 

SDI Social Activities: refer to  Workshops/ Events:

To join the family group mailing list and for further information and assistance please contact 

ARC: Spouse of International students can contact Arc to check for Associate Membership eligibility to join clubs societies and participate in activities.