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Please provide full details of your textbooks. You must tell us the ISBN, publisher, author, edition and year published. In the event we are unable to get a full electronic copy from the publisher, please list the chapters or sections you require in order of priority. If you require course readers to be formatted, please include the full name of the reader.

Remember that you must provide receipts as proof of purchase to Equitable Learning Services.

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Federation Press

Please note: Federation Press has changed their process for supplying students with electronic copies of texts. You do not have to buy a hard copy first if you do not need one. If your book is published by Federation Press and you need an electronic copy, fill in this form with details of the texts you require. Do not contact them directly with your requests. The company will then send Equitable Learning Services the invoice for the electronic copy and we will email it to you for payment. As soon as you have paid the invoice, Federation Press will release the electronic copy and we will pass it on to you. You do not have to provide us with a receipt as Federation Press will not give us the book until your payment is confirmed by them.

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