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Joining UNSW is the best decision you will ever make. Participating in a Peer Mentoring program will make it even better! Peer Mentors are experienced students who understand that university can be an exciting but challenging place. Your Peer Mentor will help you find the answers to your questions about uni life, so that you can settle into your studies quickly and easily and start enjoying all that UNSW has to offer.

UNSW offers a variety of Peer Mentoring programs. Choose the program best suited to you. Outlined below are links to the different Peer Mentoring @ UNSW programs, further information and contact details. If there isn't a Peer Mentoring program for you, please talk to your Faculty or School about how you can get mentoring support or see other Peer to Peer programs.

Peer mentoring programs

Programs for students commencing in Term 3

Here you can find further information about the Term 3 programs and how you can register to be matched with a Mentor:

  • Midyear enrolees: The Midyear Peer Mentoring program is for any new student commencing their studies in Term 3.
  • International students: The Cultural Mentoring program is for all international students commencing their studies in Term3.
  • Colombuddy: for new residents joining the Colombo House residential college


How can I...

Find a Peer Mentor

Why I might choose a Mentor?

Being part of a Peer Mentoring program provides you with the opportunity to meet and talk with other new students who join the program. You can also benefit from hearing how others are managing their transition to university and will get the chance to consult with a more experienced student (the mentor). Some programs also offer a range of social events which provide first year students a chance to meet and mix with other first year students.  

How do I sign-up to be mentored?

UNSW offers a variety of Peer Mentoring programs run by different Faculties, Student Services and Student Organisations. Which one is best for you depends on your program and circumstances. Please see above for a list of the different Peer Mentoring programs offered at UNSW and how to register for a Mentor, or you can speak with your Faculty Program Office to see which Mentor or support programs are relevant for you.

Become a Peer Mentor

Who can be a Peer Mentor?

Students who are in at least their 2nd year at UNSW can be Mentors. All Mentors are provided with comprehensive training to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to support new students.

What do you look for in a peer mentor?

We look for students who have successfully navigated the challenges of first year and can empathise with new first year students. Someone who has sound social skills, who has an understanding of what mentoring involves. Students who are interested in developing their own leadership capabilities and enhancing their communication and group skills. Also important is the capacity to provide enough time and motivation to commit to the duration of the program. Mentors are not necessarily those with outstanding academic records. Mentors are chosen because of their suitability to provide a mentoring experience to a commencing student.

Being a mentor means you will:

  • Become a leader in the UNSW community
  • Share (and increase) your knowledge of uni life
  • Acquire skills to include on your resume and enhance your employability
  • Have your participation included in your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) for most Peer Mentoring Programs

How do I become a Mentor?

Requirements for becoming a mentor and registration details differ depending on which Peer Mentoring program you are interested in joining. Please refer to the above list of programs for further details regarding specific Peer Mentoring programs and contact details. Please contact individual Peer Mentoring programs directly for more information.

If you are interested in being a Mentor in other Mentoring Programs, you might like to consider these opportunities to volunteer as a Peer Mentor.

Set up a new Peer Mentoring program

Peer Mentoring @ UNSW has been supporting the transition and retention of commencing students since 2002. Student Development provides consultations in the development and implementation of Peer Mentoring programs. We conduct the current, well received Central Peer Mentor Training, and continue to provide support and advice for establishing and maintaining Peer Mentoring programs to be delivered via Faculty, Student Service, or Student Organisation.

We also encourage engagement between faculties and student services in order to benefit the first year experience and undertake annual centralised evaluation and documentation of Peer Mentoring programs. We currently support the delivery and maintenance of twenty-nine Peer Mentoring programs. 

To set up a new Peer Mentoring program please contact the Peer Mentoring @ UNSW Team:

Student feedback

Benefits of joining a Peer Mentoring Program

Look at 2019 Evaluation results

Top 3 benefits of being a Mentor:*

1. Improved Leadership skills

2. Improved Communication skills

3. Making social contacts/friends


Top 3 benefits of having a Mentor:*

1. Knowing I had someone to ask if I needed to

2. Understanding what is required of me to be successful at university

3. Accessing university services and resources


*Data taken from the T1 2019 centralised Peer Mentoring@UNSW Evaluations, to find out more click 'Peer Mentoring at a Glance - 2019’ (PDF, 400k, 1 page).

Previous Mentees

"The social aspect was huge for me, I met most of the friends I socialise with now...

Mentee, Faculty of Engineering Peer Mentor Program

"Talking to other engineering students, both the mentors and fellow students, was helpful in a lot of ways: Meeting new people. Having your questions about anything answered, where do I find this, what is your degree like etc."

Mentee, Medicine Society Peer Mentor Program

"It helped me gain better understanding of what uni life is like when progressing on to the higher years."

Mentee, School of Optometry Peer Mentor Program

"Knowing people in other grades, asking what the next couple of years would be like, having someone to empathise with your situation so you knew that what you were going through was common."

Mentee, CSE (CSE Student Network Program) Peer Mentor Program

"The social aspect was huge for me, I met most of the friends I socialise with now through the CSE Student Network. My mentor was also very helpful in getting a footing when I first started uni, however I found myself being more self-reliant as I continued. I only got there so quickly though because of an awesome mentor."

Previous Mentors

"Peer mentoring is an invigorating experience, and the best part is, it works both ways...

Alexandra, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Peer Mentor

"Peer mentoring is an invigorating experience, and the best part is, it works both ways. As a mentor, I was able to build on my confidence, my communication skills and my ability to work in a team. The mentees then gain the benefits of your experience, knowledge and understanding of the university system, along with your support, care and guidance. It's a really fulfilling program."

Julita, UNSW Business Society Peer Mentor

"My experience as a UNSW Business Society Peer Mentor gave me the opportunity to support and assist first year students in their transition towards university life, by passing on tips and knowledge. As well as making a small contribution to their university life, I also had a wonderful time getting to meet new people."

Lillian, School of Psychology Peer Mentor

"Being a mentor to first year Psychology students was a satisfying experience. It helped me build my confidence to interact with others, further develop my leadership skills, and provided me with the opportunity to assist the first years' transition into uni, as my mentors had helped me in my first year."

Amelia, Mature Age Peer Mentor

"Being a mentor has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Helping the new students move from feeling very anxious and overwhelmed to calm and at ease with their new university life is really rewarding to be a part of!"

Kartini, Law Plus Peer Mentor

"As a mentor, I have seen how LawPLUS helps students grow and find the confidence they need to not just take part in, but relish, the vibrant, inclusive and exciting student culture that our Law School embodies. Through weekly mentoring catch-ups, skills workshops and entire year socials, LawPLUS ensures that new students are given the opportunity to bond with one another, whilst providing a supportive network in which first years can ask questions and express concerns."

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