Welcome to Peer Connections @ UNSW

Settle into your studies quickly and easily by participating in a peer mentoring program!

A peer support program can help make the start of your new life as a student feel less overwhelming and more exciting! Choose from the programs below to connect to a Student Mentor so you can start enjoying all that life as a UNSW student has to offer.


About Peer Support 

How to choose the best Peer Support program for you

Peer Mentors are experienced, senior students who understand that university life can be exciting and challenging, because they were new students once too! The Peer Mentors are eager to share their tips, advice, experiences and knowledge with you, and help you find answers to your questions, so you can quickly and easily settle into life as a uni student.

UNSW offers a variety of Peer Mentoring programs, outlined below. Being part of a Peer Support program provides you with the opportunity to meet and talk with other new students who join the program. Your experience will differ depending on the type of Peer Support program you are involved in. All Peer Support is free and can help your transition into life as a university student at UNSW. 

Live Chat  

You will have the opportunity to live chat or speak with a current UNSW student about what it’s like on your first day, week, Trimester and year. This type of Peer Support is completely online so you can ask questions on the bus or from home! You can connect from Friday 17th January to Friday 6th March 2020, 12pm to 8pm* AEST, Monday to Friday, via the Live Chat box above. 

Programs run through Faculties and Student Societies

Many programs delivered by the Faculties offer face to face meetings with an allocated mentor. You can expect your Mentor to reach out and communicate to you online through email or social media and arrange informal, face to face catch ups where you can talk and ask any questions you many have about university life at UNSW. Some faculty programs also offer social events, workshops and group meetings where you will get to meet other new students in your course.

How to become an official First Year Mentor


Who can be a Peer Mentor?

Students who are in at least their 2nd year at UNSW can be Mentors. All Mentors are provided with comprehensive training to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to support new students.

How do you become a Mentor?

Please contact the Peer Mentoring program coordinator via the details on the relevant program links above.  

 For more information, please email peermentoring@unsw.edu.au 

How to start a new Peer Support program

If you see a gap and would like to start a new Peer Support program, please email peermentoring@unsw.edu.au