Student Minds®

Student Minds®

Student Minds@UNSW
The Student Voice on Mental Health

Student Minds® is the student voice on mental health: opening minds, creating understanding and connecting students with the resources to thrive. We are an outreach program driven by students.

Student Minds® aims to raise awareness, cultivate knowledge and develop skills that contribute to student success, wellbeing and resilience. 

Student Minds® aims to:

  1. Reduce stigma surrounding mental health
  2. Increase awareness of mental health issues
  3. Encourage help-seeking behaviour
  4. Promote positive psychological resilience
  5. Reach the wider student body

Student Minds® encourages any interested students to volunteer for the cause and leave a valued and important legacy on campus. Volunteers receive training in mental health, psychological literacy and peer-to-peer communication and are able to assist with events and campaigns.

Student Minds® volunteering is AHEGS recognized upon completion of necessary hours.

Students can contribute to Student Minds® at one of two levels:

  • Student Minds® Executive - Complete 10 hours of training and a minimum of 20 hours volunteering.
  • Student Minds® Volunteer - Complete 10 hours of training and a minimum of 10 hours volunteering.

The training and workshops are focused in the first 6-8 weeks of each semester. Invitations to attend the scheduled training events are emailed to students registered with Student Minds.

Student Minds® activities and events are scheduled from O Week (late February) to the end of October.

Join this worthy cause and give yourself an opportunity to develop valuable real-world skills, contribute to a very important cause, meet like-minded individuals and leave a valued and important legacy on campus.

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The Student Minds® Conference 24 September 2019 - The Diverse Mind: Celebrating our differences


What opportunities does volunteering offer?

You will have the opportunity to organise student-run events and campaigns.

Mentoring, sponsorship and training is provided by UNSW CAPS.

The program provides access to a range of training workshops, some of which are required for Student Minds® executive team and volunteers while others are optional.

Some workshops are geared specifically towards mental health, including certified training in Mental Health First Aid. Other workshops and training focus on: peer to peer communication and engagement and  understanding differences in cultural attitudes to mental health and understanding psychological literacy.

Being involved in Student Minds® provides the opportunity to develop skills used in social enterprise as these skills underpin this volunteer program. 

Student Minds® volunteers need to be ready to build their own capacity for self leadership and self-management, be prepared to work collaboratively with university staff and other students and to contribute to the success of the Student Minds® activity and event calendar.

There are a variety of induction programs, training and mentored experiences that support the goals of the program.

Student Minds® is a trademark owned by UNSW Australia with application in Australia and New Zealand.