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Features of Uni-Verse

NEW! You can now organise your tiles. Simply click on the 'Arrange' icon on the bottom of your screen's device and re-sort your tiles in levels of importance to you.


How do I login to Uni-Verse?

You will need your zID and password to login to Uni-Verse

What if I have previously downloaded Uni-Verse?

All students that downloaded Uni-Verse prior to February 20, 2017 will need to download the new version of Uni-Verse

How do I connect my Moodle account to Uni-Verse?

To link your Moodle account to Uni-Verse, please follow the below steps (students only need to complete this process once):

1. Click on the Moodle tile in Uni-Verse. You will then be prompted to download the Moodle App if you have not previously downloaded it

2. Enter the URL-  https://moodle.telt.unsw.edu.au into Moodle when prompted

3. Sign into Moodle with your zID and Password

4. Your Moodle account will now be linked when clicking the Moodle tile in Uni-Verse

I can't log in to Moodle

Issues logging into Moodle through Uni-Verse will still need to be resolved by the Moodle Support Team. You can log these issues at externalteltsupport@unsw.edu.au

I study in the Medicine Faculty, why can't I see my timetable?

The Medicine Faculty utilise a separate timetabling system called E-Med, and unfortunately at this time, is not supported by the Uni-Verse App.

The Uni-Verse team are in the process of integrating E-Med, so that Medicine students also have access to the Timetable functionality of the Uni-Verse App.


Technical support

For help and support, incorrect or missing information or to report a bug email universe@unsw.edu.au

For issues logging in to Moodle, please email externalteltsupport@unsw.edu.au

User suggestions?

Tell us how we can improve the Uni-Verse App by email universe@unsw.edu.au


We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns or problems with anything so we can improve the services and resources we provide to you.