Academic Skills Plus

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Are you an undergrad student? Are you ready to take your communications skills to the next level? Choose a GENY course to learn how to improve your academic writing and speaking skills.

Get top tips, build confidence and boost your success! Fun themes are available each term. For more details download a course outline.

CourseCourse Outline / ThemesSemester offered
GENY0001Comedy Through the AgesTerm 1
GENY0002Science FictionTerm 2
GENY0003Alice in WonderlandTerm 3

Term 2 2020 registrations are now open!

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    What is Academic Skills Plus about?

    Classes develop skills and strategies to maximise your academic, professional and personal success with:

    • Essay structure to present clear, well-organised arguments

    • Academic writing styles to engage with and reference the ideas of others

    • Critical thinking and expressing ideas in an appropriately formal manner

    • Presentation skills to develop public speaking skills for tutorials/seminars and conference presentations using video recording

    How long does it take?

    GENY0002 is an online 10 week course. You will need to complete approximately 7 hours of online study each week.

    Each week there will be a 1-hour lecture followed by a two-hour skills workshop. Weekly readings are provided and independent research expected.

    Who can apply?

    The courses are targeted to suit local and international undergraduate students. There are no prerequisites.

    Registration process

    GENY0001GENY0002 and GENY0003 are Academic Skills Plus courses found in the handbook, offered as part of the General Education Program at UNSW.

    Register at

    If you require assistance with the registration process, please contact the Nucleus on (02) 9385 8500 or by submitting an online enquiry form.

    If you have already enrolled for Term 2 you will be selecting your class times. Follow the class registration instructions.

    What students say about GENY

    "Thanks again for the course. I found it a huge help. Prior to this course I didn’t have a clue how to structure an academic essay. I now feel far more confident about it.” Gavin J. 

    "GENY lectures were my favourite ones of all my courses. Never boring.” Lisa W. 


    For further enquiries please email Dr Dominic Fitzsimmons.