Academic Skills Plus

The Academic Skills Plus courses (GENY0001, GENY0002 and GENY0003) are offered as part of the General Education program at UNSW.

Course Outlines

For details about the course, download a course outline.

The aim of Academic Skills Plus is to help students to improve their academic skills. It will complement their work in other courses.

Primarily Academic Skills Plus provides students with guidance on:

  • how to present clear, well-structured arguments
  • how to better engage with and reference the ideas of others
  • how to think critically, and how to express ideas in an appropriately formal manner.

The course also helps students to improve their oral presentation skills. Extensive feedback is provided on written assessments.

Academic Skills Plus focuses on:
  • the research/ writing process
  • presentation skills
  • essay structure
  • the integration of and engagement with academic sources
  • critical thinking
  • academic writing style

The course also gives students the opportunity to apply what they learn to a particular topic. Weekly readings are provided; however students are also expected to do their own independent research.

While all three courses have different themes, they use similar academic skills material.

CourseTopicSemester offered
GENY0001Comedy Through the AgesTerm 1
GENY0002Science FictionTerm 2
GENY0003Alice in WonderlandTerm 3


GENY0001, GENY0002 and GENY0003 are taught over Terms 1, 2 and 3. Each week's three-hour class begins with a one-hour lecture on the topic (comedy, science fiction or 'Alice') followed by a two-hour skills-focused tutorial.

There are no prerequisites for any of the Academic Skills Plus courses.

What students say about GENY

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your guidance during this semester. The academic skills you have taught us are invaluable. Without a doubt, they will serve me well throughout the rest of my undergraduate degree and beyond. Thank you so much!"

"Just wanted to say thank you for the really detailed feed back. It makes for a much improved learning experience. I'm learning more about academic writing than I have in the past 2.5yrs as a FT uni student!"

"Thanks to your outstanding guidance, this course has really benefited my writing ability."

More information

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